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BlogShop Business WordPress Theme Documentation

Abdullah Al Imran

Install WordPress.

To get this theme you must have WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the instructions in WordPress Codex or you can watch the Instruction Video created by Woo Themes. Below are some useful links on WordPress information:

Install BlogShop WordPress Theme

After purchase complete, you will able to download BlogShop theme. The contains all files, you have to select Installable WordPress Theme files

Install the BlogShop theme via WordPress.

  • Unzip and find the file
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes  > click Install Themes tab and select Upload

Install BlogShop theme via FTP

  • Log into your hosting space via an FTP software
  • Unzip the file and ONLY use the extracted BlogShop theme folder
  • Upload the extracted BlogShop theme folder into wp-content > themes folder
  • To activate the theme: Go to Appearance > Themes select BlogShop theme and activate

Install and active required plugins.

Once you activated the BlogShop theme than You will get a notification for required plugins.

  • Click on “Begin installing plugins” to install required plugins.
  • Select all required plugin to install and active.

Menu Settings

Follow the below step for setup menu for your theme.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Menus section of your admin.
  2. Click the “Create A New Menu” to create a new menu.
  3. To add a menu item, select one of your created pages on the left-hand side and click “Add to Menu”. You can also add all kinds of different posts from the left side.
  4. After setting up your menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page to assign the menu to Menu Settings > Theme locations: Primary Menu

BlogShop Theme Options

All Theme Options inside of the WordPress Default Customizer Section. Go Appearance > Customize > BlogShop Settings and Here you will get all theme options.

Currently following options are available. 

  • Header Settings
  • Call To Action 
  • Footer Settings
  • Social Links
  • Blog Page Settings
  • 404 Page Settings
  • Preloader Settings
  • And Typography

These are very simple options you will easily understand how all options are work. that’s why I am not explaining all. but if you think you need help just put a question here

How to change the website base color?

Go Appearance > Customize > Colors and select your desired color from the primary color.

How To Change Site Title and Logo?

Go Appearance > Customize > Site Identity Here you will get all options to change the site title, logo, and favicon.

How to change the Single Page header Background Image?

Go Appearance > Customize > Header Image here you can change the page header image. also you can change page header image from page meta. I will explain it on how to create a page section.

How To Create a Page?

WP Dashboard > Pages

Pages are the place, where you will spend most of the time when you will be building your site to customize each page with different look.

follow the below screenshot number. according this number I did explain the below screenshot. 

  1. Title — Insert your page title that displays as the main heading of the page
  2. Editor — Enter the body content of a page
  3. Page Template — Here is two Page template that is available one is default with the right sidebar. another one is the full-width template.
  4. Page Header — Enable or Disable Page header section.
  5. Page Custom Title — Type Page custom title.
  6. Page Header Background — You can change the page header background from here. otherwise, the header background will be displayed from the Customize > header image
Now Question How to custom Home Page With KingComposer. 
  • Choose the custom home page template from the page template. 
  • Click on Edit with KinComposer Button. and Insert your desire element to make your home page. 
  • Now go to the WP Settings > Reading
  • Select A Static Page and Choose your home page.

How to Create a Header Slider?

Go WP Dashboard > Home Sliders Page and click on Add New Slider button.  

And follow the screenshot. below the screenshot, I have explained everything according to the screenshot number.

  1. Title — Type Slider Title Here. example:: Home Page SLider
  2. Featured Image — Here you can upload a photo to be used in the slider.
  3. Title — Insert title text for your slider.
  4. Description — This fields where you can enter your slider Description.
  5. Button Text — Type Button Text
  6. Button Link – Type Button-Link
  7. Button Style – Choose Button Style
  8. More Slider Item – Click Add Row To add More Slider Item
  9. Slider Alignment — Change Slider Alignment by default it’s left-aligned.
  10. Publish — Click on publish button
How to insert this slider on the custom page.

I have built a kingComposer Element Name (Hero Slider) Just insert it. 

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